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David Scanavino // Profile of the Artist

In Conversation with Tara Plath David Scanavino‘s most recent exhibition is Imperial Texture at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He was exhibited in the group exhibition Walk-Ins Welcome at Marlborough on the Lower East Side. Originally a painter, Scanavino’s work has been moving increasingly towards installation and sculpture that overlays a formal painting vocabulary onto site-specific[…]


by Anastasia Karpova Tinari Manifesta, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, began in the aftermath of the Iron Curtain to form a bridge between the East and West. The nomadic exhibition has finally crossed into Eastern territory on its twentieth anniversary, taking up residence in no less a venue than Saint Petersburg’s fabled Hermitage Museum. The General[…]


by Stephanie Cristello “Press as much of the front surface of your body (palms in or out, left or right cheek) against the wall as possible.” The white wall. This is the familiar construct that Bruce Nauman challenges, the container of the gallery itself – the material of the space that contains us, the viewer.[…]