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by Tina Gelsomini Founded in 1979, the Canadian Centre for Architecture houses one of the most extensive architectural archives in North America. Today, if you stroll down the left wing of the CCA towards the main gallery-space, you will encounter their most recent exhibition, exploring modern urbanism in Casablanca, Morocco and Chandigarh, India from the 1950s to[…]

STAGE SET STAGE // On Identity and Institutionalism

by Tina Gelsomini Scene:  The evening of January 16, 2014. Paul Desmarais Theatre, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal. The lights are dim. The screen has just gone dark to swallow up the wood-paneled walls of the enclosed theater. The barely audible shifting of bodyweight in cushioned seats reaches through the silence. Enter stage left: Dorit[…]

MAC de Montréal // Eve Sussman: whiteonwhite

The highly stylized and meticulously crafted exhibition whiteonwhite begins before we even realize. In the hall that connects the three current exhibitions at the Musée l’Art Contemporain in Montréal hangs two color photographs. The photographs portray the same room—an office with a pristine desk, chairs, carpet, and wall map. In Jeff in Yuri’s Office, a[…]