Vanessa Gravenor is a writer and an artist living in Berlin. She has written for ArtSlant, Sleek Magazine, N.Paradoxa Journal, Bad at Sports; Selections, and Blok Magazine. She was the Assistant Editor for The Proxy and Its Politics: On Power and Subversion in a Networked Age, Archive Books (2017). She is currently completing studies at the University of the Arts Berlin in Media Studies.

Scratching Fictions: Lawrence Abu Hamdan at Daadgalerie

Whatever Body: Commodity Limited // On the Surface of an Image

Face Value: Transmediale 2018

Smog, Drones, Staircases, and Drinks: Anne Imhof

The Inscrutable Laugh of the Other: Tala Madani’s Elusive Alchemy

Digital Delirium: Pipolitti Rist at the New Museum

Anonymous Stateless Immigrants Collective

9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Katja Novitskova: Kunstverein Hamburg

Christopher Meerdo: Document