Cover Image: Postcommodity, Repellent Fence, 2015.

AfriCOBRA: Gerald Williams

Beyond, Between, and Under the Border: Navigating the Carceral State

Letter from the Editor: Issue 07

From Print to Negative, and Vice Versa: Mladen Bizumic

Candice Lin: A Hard White Body, A Porous Slip // Logan Center for the Arts

To Watch and Be Watched: The Racial Imaginary Institute

Ariadne’s Thread: The Needle, The Haystack, The Thread // Arts Club of Chicago

Stitching Temporalities: Adrian Piper // A Synthesis of Institutions 1965-2016

Refiguring Monstrosity: Morehshin Allahyari // Whitney Museum of American Art

Torkwase Dyson: Wynter-Wells School // The Graham Foundation

Screenplay for an Exhibition: A Johnson Publishing Story

Leonor Antunes: A Thousand Realities from an Original Mark // Marian Goodman Gallery

Against the Biennale: We Don’t Need Another Hero

Partial Aphasia: On Writing About Art

Hand in Hand with the Handless: Profile of Jason Dodge

The World as Supermarket and as Derision: Michel Houellebecq // Kunsthalle Bratislava

Sable Elyse Smith: Men Who Swallow Themselves In Mirrors

Tourism, In Passing: A Series of Vignettes

From the Front: Front International

Drawing the Curtain: Mika Horibuchi